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Job Vacancy Mechanical Engineer To Japan

Lowongan kerja visa Engineering untuk eks jepang dan umum
Job engineering to japan

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Job description (求人内容)
[Work Content]
There are abundant opportunities to engage in large-scale upstream projects such as design, leading development, 3D CAD, production technology, experiment and evaluation at major manufacturers. 
It is possible to skill up as a designer in a major project and to have leader experience.
An international 
- rich workplace is an optimal environment for those who want to work in a global environment. 
- Stable & long-term employment 
- Those who want to pursue and technology, 
- who want to challenge the management want to raise the annual income, 
- Those who want to work in companies and education system was fulfilling.
Work itself is leading to international contribution. Talented people are highly motivated to join here.

[Employment Status] Permanent or Contractual.
[Department] Automobiles • Machinery • Equipment • Home Appliances • IT Communications • Materials R&D
[Work location] Development project nationwide mainly in Tokyo.

[Basic Requirements]
1. Japanese- Daily Conversational Level (N3)
2. English - business Level 
3. Freshers are highly encourage to Apply.

[Technical Skill] Entry qualification 
• Those who have some knowledge and experience on some form of mechanical design experience in the manufacturing industry.
• Design experience in 3D-CAD.
• Knowledge of industrial machinery
Instalation cctv indoor.

[Welcome skill]
Single-handedly towards the rich have the experience in the mechanical design and development of products with better design experience in (2D-CAD is rich).

[Salary] Monthly 250000 + Incentives + Various allowances.
[Working hours] 9: 00 ~ 18: 00 (60 minutes break).
[Holiday / Vacation] Annual holiday More than 120 days or more.
[Weekly holiday] 2 days (Saturday and Sunday), New Year holidays, summer holidays, Congratulation holidays.

[How to apply] - Please send your resume at the following e-mail address:

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